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Effective Private Security Services in Los Angeles: Baldwin Hills, Boyle Heights, Westlake North, and Surrounding Areas

Security Guard Pros provides private security services and peace of mind to residents and businesses in the L.A. metro area, including its many communities in and near the Downtown LA area, such as Baldwin Hills, Boyle Heights, and Westlake North. Whether providing dedicated security guards or mobile security patrols at local businesses or private parking lots, we’re fully qualified to protect and secure locations of all types and sizes. Security Guard Pros is a licensed private security contractor with a large team of BSIS-registered professional security guards. We bring nearly 70 years of collective security management experience in urban business communities and mixed use neighborhoods, and used our accrued expertise to design effective yet affordable security solutions for clients throughout Los Angeles County.

Call today for a free over-the-phone or on-site security consultation. We deliver high-quality protection at the most competitive rates in Los Angeles. In fact, if you find a local competitor with lower rates than ours, show us their written quote, and we promise to match or beat their rates.

Each Los Angeles Community Requires Its Own Set of Specialized Security Measures

The many communities within Los Angeles, such as Baldwin Hills, Boyle Heights, and Westlake North, each have their own rich histories — some that can even be traced back to the early California settlements. Today, many have evolved into vastly different neighborhoods due to development, employment needs, immigrant migration, gentrification, and other factors. Security Guard Pros stays abreast of changing community profiles, trending crime rates, and neighborhood developments. We draw on this knowledgeable to apply preventative security services to neighborhoods as diverse from each other as Baldwin Hills and Westlake North. Baldwin Hills is one of the most affluent African-American communities in California, where white-collar professionals outnumber the blue-collar workforce. Perched on hilly terrain, Baldwin Hills is known for upscale homes and its secluded suburban feel. Westlake North is predominantly Latino with one of the area’s higher population densities, where rentals make up more than 90% of housing. Thanks to our in-depth experience and diverse staff, we are able to effectively protect each of these communities with a custom-tailored security plan and specialized security measures.

Why Private Security Matters in Westlake and Boyle Heights

Both Westlake and Boyle Heights contain predominantly blue-collar Latino communities in tightly concentrated housing, with service industries and retail businesses driving the local economy. As Security Guard Pros has learned in other areas, dense housing and a young workforce means many residences are unoccupied for long periods during working hours. The lack of parking structures meansmost available parking is on the street. Both factors increase the area’s risk for burglary, trespassing, and auto theft. Our mobile patrol units serve as an effective deterrent in these neighborhoods. Our security guards can patrol businesses or housing complexes on foot, bike, or security vehicle, on a short-term, long-term, or temporary basis. In combination with electronic surveillance cameras and alarm systems, entire multi-floor buildings can be made safer day and night.

Private Security Means Continued Profitability for Small Businesses in Boyle Heights, Baldwin Hills, Westlake North & Surrounding Areas

Securing and protecting urban businesses ensures profitability and the safety of employees and customers. Our security guards are licensed and trained in powers of arrest, and can be trusted to stay alert throughout their shift to spot suspicious behavior and take decisive action when required. At many businesses in and near Boyle Heights, Baldwin Hills, and Westlake North, having uniformed security guards prominently posted at key locations can prevent unwanted activities. We also offer lock up service to completely secure facilities at the close of business. Lock up services involve making sure all doors, windows, gates and other entry points are inspected and locked. Our guards can then activate alarm systems after all employees and customers have exited your facility. This procedure frees your employees to complete other tasks and leave the lock up to trained security professionals whose primary focus is keeping your site secure and protected.

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