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Affordable Private Security Services for Businesses in Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka

At Security Guard Pros, we understand how important safety and security are to businesses in and around Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka. However, we also acknowledge that many businesses decide to forgo private security services in order to keep their expenses low. This is especially true for small businesses that operate on tight profit margins.

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Business’ Specific Security Concerns & Needs

That’s why Security Guard Pros customizes its security services to meet each Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka business’s unique set of needs and allowable budget. When a new client reaches out to us, we start with a thorough on-site assessment, where we review their primary security concerns and goals, identify their main vulnerabilities, and look for potential opportunities that will help the client get the most out of their budget. Using the information we gather, we develop a comprehensive security proposal. Our proposals range from recommending a single guard to patrol the premises after hours, to designing a multi-faceted strategy that includes stationary guards, regular vehicle patrols, and motion detectors. In addition to remaining vigilant and responding to incidents, our guards can also take on a number of ancillary duties, such as answering phones, inspecting trucks, checking badges, assisting with OSHA audits, providing general customer service, assigning docks for deliveries, and more. By fulfilling more than one role, your guard services could essentially pay for themselves, or potentially save you money, as they help your business reduce employee pilfering, prevent theft, avoid vandalism, discourage trespassing, and perform tasks that might otherwise require another employee’s time.

Free Consultations & Estimates for Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka Clients

Call us today to learn more. We offer free consultations and upfront quotes. While our private security services are always affordably priced, we also have a lowest price guarantee. If you get a written estimate from another private security firm that offers security guard and patrol services to the Canoga Park, West Hills, Winnetka area at a lower price, we promise to match or beat it. Moreover, we offer numerous contract options for short-term and long-term assignments.

Licensed. Insured. Experienced. Knowledgeable.

Security Guard Pros is a fully licensed and insured private patrol operator. We’re a member of California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards & Associates (CALSAGA) and maintain a large team of BSIS-registered security guards. Our company is led by a team of seasoned professionals who bring nearly 70 years of combined security expertise.

High-Quality Private Security Services for Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka Businesses Without the High Price

You don’t have to choose between quality and affordability when it comes to private security if you choose to hire Security Guard Pros. While we are committed to having the most competitive prices for guard and patrol services in the Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka area, we’re equally committed to offering the high-quality private security services. We maintain very strict hiring practices for our guards, and go above and beyond to ensure that our guard services are continuously meeting or exceeding client expectations. Our Dedicated Management and Client Assistance (DMCA) program helps keep our leadership team accountable and focused on delivering exceptional service.

Security Guards for Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka’s Diverse Range of Businesses

Our security guards are assigned to each client based upon how well they match the client’s needs. Typically, this is based upon their qualifications, skills, experience, geography, and personality. Once selected, the guard is fully briefed by a member of our leadership team on their assignment and all post order duties. If needed, they will also be provided with any additional training they need to perform their duties successfully. Because of the diverse range of experience amongst our leaderships team, we’re able to design security plans for nearly every type of Canoga Park, West Hills, and Winnetka business. Whether you have an independent retail store with highly valuable inventory or a busy, large-scale distribution center, we’ll make sure you get a highly effective security plan to address your specific needs and well-prepared, qualified guards to implement it.

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