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Private Security Company Serving Carpinteria, Toro Canyon & Summerland | Parking Lot Patrols, Dedicated Guards, Executive Lobby Security & More

Security Guard Pros provides cost-effective, personalized security plans for communities throughout Santa Barbara County, including Carpinteria, Toro Canyon, and Summerland. We are experts at customizing strategic security plans, and have the experience and staff to handle a variety of security needs, such as mobile patrols for a parking lot, dedicated guards for a gated community, or lobby security for a commercial building. Call us today for exceptional security guard and patrol services at highly competitive rates.

Security Guard Pros Is Santa Barbara County’s Best Source for Qualified Security Guards

Our reliable security guards are hand-picked for their professionalism, qualifications, and experience, and we take great care in matching their abilities to the unique needs of each assignment. They are qualified to identify suspicious behavior, inspect bags and belongings, greet guests, provide customer service, answer questions, track equipment/material movement, accept deliveries, maintain truck logs, answer phones, monitor live security camera feeds, and perform patrols on foot, by bike, or in a marked vehicle or golf cart. Guard responsibilities are customized to primarily meet the security needs of the client but are often expanded to include duties that help make our services more cost effective. Once the guard’s post order duties are determined, our guards are trained on them before they are dispatched to start their assignment. In the event of an emergency, our guards will respond quickly to investigate and immediately notify the police or fire department when necessary. We also understand that a business’s professional image is important, and offer a variety of guard uniforms to choose from, such as casual, professional, or standard.

Competitively-Priced Security Guard Services for Toro Canyon, Carpinteria & Summerland, CA

Security Guard Pros is the best value in comprehensive security guard services for the communities of Toro Canyon, Carpinteria, Summerland, and nearby areas of Santa Barbara County. We are a licensed and insured PPO (private patrol operator), specializing in providing affordable, highly-effective security plans. Our management team has nearly 70 years of combined experience, with the skills and experience to design and implement a broad range of security solutions, such as perimeter surveillance, loss prevention, logistical security, overnight equipment watch, building lock-up, and access control. The presence of our highly-trained, BSIS-registered security guards deters vandalism and theft, keeping your property safe when you can’t be there. We can provide professional guards available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to protect your property. We offer both short-term and long-term contracts, with free on-site security assessments and competitive quotes.

Experienced, Professional Security Guards for Hire in the Summerland, Toro Canyon, & Carpinteria Area | Ideal for Protecting Commercial, Industrial & Manufacturing Sites

Call Security Guard Pros today to learn more. Security Guard Pros specializes in providing highly-trained, diligent, and friendly security guards to the areas of Summerland, Toro Canyon, Carpinteria, and surrounding neighborhoods of Santa Barbara County. They are ideal for safeguarding commercial and industrial sites, such as but not limited to construction sites, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, distribution centers, warehouse storage facilities, and business parks. Because all of our security services are fully customizable to meet the client’s needs, we will first want to arrange an on-site security assessment. During an on-site assessment, we’ll determine how our guards can best serve your needs and propose a comprehensive security plan to reduce criminal activity, increase safety, and minimize your costs. Once hired, our management team will continue to monitor the performance of our guards and ensure that we are always meeting or exceeding your expectations.