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Best Private Security Guards for Dulah, Faria, & Mussel Shoals

Security Guard Pros is a licensed and insured private security company serving Dulah, Mussel Shoals, Faria, and surrounding areas of Ventura County. We provide professional standing guards for a wide variety of private security needs, including building lock-up, parking lot patrol, gate access control, logistical security, site surveillance, perimeter patrol, equipment watch, firewatch, and lobby security. Our reliable, BSIS-registered security guards are well qualified to provide superior security guard services for corporate businesses, industrial and construction sites, movie sets, and retail stores. They are hand-picked for their reliable, friendly demeanor and professional experience, and must undergo rigorous criminal background checks before hire. In addition to the minimum 40 hours of training required to earn their professional security guard card, they continue to increase their knowledge through ongoing training. Many guards also have CPR and first aid certification.

Security Guard Pros Prevents Theft, Vandalism, and Property Damage for Dulah, Faria & Mussel Shoals Businesses by Combining State-of-the-Art Security Technology with Expert Guard Services

Our cost-effective security guard services for Mussel Shoals, Dulah, Solimar Beach, and Faria protect against theft, vandalism, vagrants, and unauthorized access to your property. Whether you need perimeter surveillance for your industrial site, lobby guards for your corporate offices, or gate guards to manage access control to your construction site, the dedicated team at Security Guard Pros can help. We are adept at using the latest technology to keep your business and employees safe, and excel at working with all kinds of advanced security systems, including proxy cards, video surveillance, facial recognition systems, infrared cameras, and motion detectors. If you already have technology access control systems in place, we can provide any necessary enhancements for increased efficiency and security.

Affordable, Customizable Security Plans for Your Dulah, Faria, or Mussel Shoals Business

At Security Guard Pros, we specialize in creating customized security plans for every client. Whether you need fire watch services in Faria, night guard surveillance in Mussel Shoals, or a private parking lot patrol in Solimar Beach, we can design and implement a cost-effective security plan that meets your requirements. With over 60 years of combined industry experience, our management team excels at helping businesses prevent theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other unwanted behavior by staying alert and vigilant while standing guard or patrolling your property on foot, golf cart, bike, or vehicle. If an alarm goes off, or they detect a problem at your location, they are trained to call the police or fire department directly, ensuring rapid response in the event of an emergency.

We use a proprietary 9-step process when developing a security plan for a new Dulah, Faria, or Mussel Shoals client, which includes a free on-site assessment, competitive bid, and personalized consultation. After agreeing to the terms of your contract, our management team selects the best security guards for the job depending on their area of expertise. We then perform frequent on-site checks to ensure that your guards are performing their duties according to your expectations, and use Detex technology to ensure that all perimeter and surveillance checks are being completed according to schedule. You can also monitor your guards yourself using our GeoFence App, which gives you real-time confirmation that your assigned guards are within 100 feet of their assigned post.

Contact us today to schedule your free, personalized on-site assessment. We offer both short-term and long-term contracts, and offer reliable security guard services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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