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Security Guard Pros Provides Affordable Private Security Services in El Segundo, Hawthorne, and Manhattan Beach, CA

With more than 60 years of combined experience in private security, the management team at Security Guard Pros has the expertise to protect any business in the El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, and Hawthorne area.

Security Guard Pros is a licensed security guard and patrol company that provides highly skilled security guards and personalized security plans to safeguard property, assets, and employees. Drawing from a proven array of security strategies, Security Guard Pros can quickly dispatch patrol services or stationary guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support the security needs of any South Bay area business, from high-end commercial businesses and residential complexes in Manhattan Beach to oil, aerospace, and energy companies in El Segundo, to manufacturing and industrial firms in Hawthorne.

Call us today to learn more. We can answer any questions you may have about the private security services we offer in Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, or other nearby area and promise to match or beat any quote from a local competitor.

Commercial and Industrial Security Services for El Segundo, CA Companies

El Segundo, which means “second” in Spanish, is named for the second Standard Oil refinery established in California in the early 1900s. Rich oil fields meant jobs and the creation of supporting industries that are still in operation throughout Los Angeles. As these industries thrived, companies in and near El Segundo also recognized the importance of protecting their assets, making safety and security a top priority.

Today, some might argue that commercial and industrial security is as important as it was back in the early “oil boom” years. As city and county police forces remain fully occupied with emergency security calls and patrols of the community at large, it is still up to each individual manufacturing firm and business in El Segundo to obtain the level of protection they need.

Security Guard Pros can provide these businesses with the extra layer of protection they are looking for with our mobile patrols and dedicated private security guard staff. Our guards will reliably safeguard your employees, business operations, and valuable machinery, during regular business hours, after hours, or around the clock. Modern private security contractors, like Security Guard Pros, have successfully deployed preventative measures to stop crimes before they happen. Potential criminals are much less likely to break-in or vandalize properties that are well protected with on-site security and surveillance. Our experience across all industries allows us to quickly and expertly design an affordable security solution for your El Segundo location. After an analysis of your property and its vulnerabilities, our team will deliver a security plan that is effective and affordable.

Private Security Services for Manhattan Beach Commercial Locations

While many private security contractors specialize in a narrow range of protection, Security Guard Pros can safeguard a wide spectrum of properties in Manhattan Beach. Our security guard and patrol services are available for short-term or long-term assignments in order to provide 24/7 security to any of the following types of businesses:

  • Retail shopping centers and restaurants
  • Hotels, resorts, and country clubs
  • Hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and senior living centers
  • Construction sites, storage facilities, and equipment yards
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Manufacturing and industrial sites
  • Business parks, executive office buildings, and front office lobbies

Skilled Private Security Guards Available to Protect Hawthorne Businesses

In order to provide high-quality private security services for our Hawthorne clients, Security Guard Pros goes above and beyond in the selection, training, and supervision of its professional guards. We hire guards based on their prior experience, demeanor, and trainability so that we can be confident in their ability to be competent in a variety of situations. Prior to employment, each candidate undergoes a thorough background check and drug testing. We also require that they be licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and have at least a year of verifiable security experience working at a medium- to large-size company. Our guards are trained in powers of arrest, crowd control, evacuation procedures, CPR and first-aid, and more. Always observant and alert, our guards can be counted on to quickly spot suspicious or irregular activities. Depending on your security needs, guards may be tasked with checking personal belongings, screening visitors, checking access badges, or monitoring parking lots. Because they need to interact with the public, guards are trained to be courteous, approachable, and quick-acting. With their effective communication skills, they are expected to help mitigate and resolve problems so they don’t escalate and become a liability. We take these extra steps with our private security force so that Hawthorne businesses can be confident in our safeguarding abilities.

Contact Security Guard Pros For Skilled Security Guard Protection in El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, or Hawthorne, CA

Take proactive steps to protect your El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, or Hawthorne facility and prevent crime before it happens. We are just a phone call away and can quickly dispatch guards or patrol vehicles to your business location or facility for as long as you need us. Call today to arrange a complimentary phone consultation with our knowledgeable staff.

Security Guard Pros provides private security guard services to the following zip codes:

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