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Get Quality Security Guard Services at an Affordable Price for Your Business in the Fairfax, Mid-City, or Mid-Wilshire Area

Security Guard Pros is the best choice for businesses in the Fairfax, Mid-City, and Mid-Wilshire area looking for reliable private security at a cost-effective price. Our affordable private security services are provided by BSIS registered security guards who are hand picked for their professionalism, knowledge, and affability. They can be relied upon to effectively discourage criminal activity, identify suspicious behavior, enforce rules, and complete all assigned post order duties, from patrolling the premises to answering phones.

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Let us show you how a well-qualified private security service can provide immediate benefit to your Fairfax, Mid-City, or Mid-Wilshire business. Give us a call today and we will gladly explain our security service process over the phone or on site, and determine the best security solution to safeguard your property, assets, employees, tenants and/or customers. Not only do we seek to provide you with exceptional security guard services, but we also want to give you the best price possible, which is why we promise to beat or meet any written quote from a local private security service operator for comparable service.

Security Guard Pros Conducts Thorough Analysis of Your Security Needs

At Security Guard Pros we place an emphasis on understanding the specific security needs of each of our clients. Whether you manage a corporate office in Fairfax or a private parking lot in Central Los Angeles, our approach is to design and recommend security services tailored specifically to your location. After an initial consultation, we will conduct an on-site review to determine where security is lacking and can be improved. If you own a business, we will consider your customer, visitor, and employee patterns, hours of operation, on-site inventory, equipment/assets, and all potential security threats. We will then recommend a specific plan to protect your property through individual services or a combination of preventive security measures. For example, for the front lobby of a multi-floor building, we may propose a private security guard at your main point of entry. If protecting a larger area, we may recommend highly visible security patrols, performed on foot, bike, golf cart, or marked vehicle, with strategically placed surveillance cameras, lighting, and motion sensors. Call today to learn more.

Experts in the Unique Security Needs of the Fairfax, Mid-Wilshire, and Mid-City Area

Wilshire Boulevard, the iconic business corridor that runs from the financial district to the Santa Monica coastline fuels the economies of several communities including Fairfax, Mid-Wilshire, and Mid-City. Enlisting the services of a reputable private security firm in these areas can be challenging unless you turn to Security Guard Pros. These communities are among the most densely populated mixed-use districts in Los Angeles. We bring experience protecting and securing busy commercial districts flanked by tightly concentrated residential neighborhoods. We provide the expertise and resources few private security agencies can provide, and at rates others cannot match. As a full service private security firm, Security Guard Pros fields a superior private security force and a seasoned management team ready to design your security solution.

Mid-City and Mid-Wilshire – Mixed Use Communities Require Specialized Security Services

Mid-City and Mid-Wilshire contain several sub-districts that are just blocks apart, but distinct from each other. All, however, contain a mix of residential neighborhoods, urban apartment complexes, retail centers, and entertainment and cultural venues. While being desirable areas to live, the lack of available real estate means each community contains more rental units than single family homes. Providing private security guard service for this range of facilities and locations requires an experienced security agency with knowledge of the crime profile of each community and ample resources to deliver quality protection. Knowing how to effectively apply preventive security measures that deliver results is our specialty.

Fairfax District Profile – High Density Population Areas Vulnerable To Security Risks

In Fairfax, where violent crime is low and the community enjoys a safe reputation, burglary rate is more than double the national average per 100,000 residents. This is due in part to the high density of businesses and residences. Security Guard Pros studies the composition of communities and puts this knowledge to work when protecting our clients. We effectively combine mobile patrol services, posted security guards, and sophisticated surveillance equipment to protect property in commercial and residential zones throughout and near the Fairfax area. In addition, we bring first-hand expertise in securing property and businesses that receive high tourist and visitor traffic from surrounding areas.

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