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Private Security Services for Garden Grove, Stanton, and Westminster, CA

Security Guard Pros is the private security agency of choice for commercial and industrial clients throughout Garden Grove, Westminster, Stanton, and the surrounding area. We bring the necessary expertise, resources, and trained manpower to protect your property, inventory, and employees. With our capabilities, training, and experience, we’re qualified to design and implement personalized private security solutions for nearly any Garden Grove, Westminster, or Stanton business. Our licensed and trained private security force can affordably and effectively protect your location against property crime, burglary, trespassing, and vandalism.

Our management team has nearly 70 years of combined experience in the private security industry and has built a loyal base of satisfied clients throughout Southern California. From a cost-value standpoint, Security Guard Pros is a leader in the industry – we will meet or beat any quote for comparable security from a local firm, and yet deliver a higher quality of service for the money. At the heart of our success is our core competency – developing highly specialized security solutions for each client. This results in effective security with measurable outcomes and satisfied customers.

Call us today for a free consultation and on-site assessment. We can dispatch fully screened, BSIS-registered security guards to your Garden Grove, Westminster, or Stanton site on relatively short notice and provide security on an temporary, part-time, short-term, or long-term basis. All of our guard services are fully customizable.

Security Guard Pros: How Preventive Security is Helping Garden Grove, Westminster, and Stanton Businesses

There are a number of reasons private security service is a growing industry. In heavily populated areas like Southern California that continue to thrive with new residents and businesses, local law enforcement is hard pressed to keep up in terms of resources and manpower. Among the most prevalent activities against businesses is property crime. Unfortunately property crime together with in-store theft and vandalism can occur repeatedly if no additional security measures are put in place. As a matter of protocol and policy, law enforcement must first protect the public from harm and violent crime and rank property protection as a lower priority.

Security Guard Pros can help fill the void in security. We provide personalized security service for Garden Grove, Westminster, and Stanton facilities on a part or full-time basis with a security staff trained on your location’s specific security needs. We are strong advocates of preventive security as the best deterrent against illegal activities. The presence of a uniformed guard in your office lobby, or a posted guard at your firm’s vehicle entrance can be the most effective way to prevent unwanted situations.

Garden Grove, Westminster, and Stanton Private Guards Trained for Multiple Duties and Situations

Depending on their function, guards may be charged with checking personal belongings, screening visitors, verifying access badges, investigating suspicious activity, or monitoring incoming pedestrians or vehicles. Since guard duties vary by location, our guards must be multi-skilled and knowledgeable in a wide array of security procedures. As they are often placed in situations encountering different publics, guards are trained to be visible, courteous and approachable. Our guards have all received training in the proper use of “powers of arrest,” crowd control, evacuation procedures, public relations, and terrorism awareness. Most of our guards also have advanced training, such as CPR and first-aid, and fire watch. Additionally, once our guards are assigned to a post, we provide them with site-specific training so they can fully meet each client’s expectations. We take these extra efforts with our private guard staff, so that you, your customers, employees, and visitors can be confident in their ability to safely secure your property and keep you safe.

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Learn how preventive security and a private security presence can ensure employee and customer safety, prevent losses, and contribute to your bottom line.

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