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Private Security Protection for Businesses in Koreatown, Los Feliz, and Griffith Park, CA

Known for their diverse mix of cultures, attractions, and commerce, Koreatown, Los Feliz, and Griffith Park, are among the most popular communities in Southern California. Security Guard Pros is proud to provide these busy commercial districts with the best value in private security services.

We offer trained, experienced, and licensed security guards for enhanced safety and crime deterrence at some of the lowest prices in Los Angeles County. Our guards are selected for their professional demeanor, strong communication skills, and knowledge of private security best practices. They have received extensive training in powers of arrest, public relations, observation and reporting, visitor screening, bag/belonging searches, emergency procedures, conflict resolution, and more. We also have guards who have completed specialized training in batons, CPR/first aid, and fire watch services. Each guard is carefully matched to each assignment, and can be relied upon to stay vigilant while at their post and performing patrols, identify suspicious behavior or persons, and take immediate action as outlined in your custom-tailored security plan.

Call Security Guard Pros today for a complimentary phone consultation and discover how we can design a cost-effective private security plan specifically for your location in Griffith Park, Los Feliz, Koreatown, or other nearby location.

As a full-service and well-established licensed security provider, Security Guard Pros has the resources, reputation, and hands-on experience to deliver proven security services at the most competitive rates. Our rates are so competitive that we pledge to match or beat any written quote from another security guard company if you can find lower rates for the same services.

Demand Skilled Security Guards to Protect Your Los Feliz, Griffith Park, or Koreatown Property

Security Guard Pros is equipped to meet the needs of Griffith Park, Koreatown, and Los Feliz’s high-traffic businesses. Our guards can be dispatched to shopping center parking lots, events, music venues, and other locations where additional protection and support are needed. In addition to providing general security, our guards can also help with access control, theft prevention, equipment watch, issuing visitor badges, checking bags and belongings, crowd control or movement, customer service, and fire watch. Additionally, if you have a particular need, such as a guard that is CPR-certified, we will make sure to assign guard with the qualification, training, or licensing you need.

Professional and Affordable Mobile Patrol, Building Lock Up, & Logistics Services Available in Los Feliz, Griffith Park, or Koreatown

Security Guard Pros offers a number of specialized security services to meet the needs of our Los Feliz, Griffith Park and Koreatown clients. Available specialized security services include logistical security, mobile patrols, building lock up services, fire watch, construction site security, and film set security. While all of our security services are customizable, we usually start by offering one of our specialized security services to allow the client to get an idea of the most effective security solutions for their circumstances and how much it would cost. Once the initial proposal is accepted, we set up a more thorough on-site security assessment to adjust the security strategy as needed. For example, our lock up service is one of our most requested security offerings. In general, this service involves having one of our guards checking all doors, windows, gates, elevators, docks and other entry/exit points and then locking them all until the area is fully secure. This service can also include a location “sweep” to ensure all personnel and visitors have exited and alarm activation. If needed, this service can then be modified to include other ancillary duties. Call us today to learn more.

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