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Welcome to Security Guard Pros, a private security services firm specializing in providing a full range of protection services in Lancaster, Victorville, and Rosamond, California. We protect and secure commercial, industrial, construction, and manufacturing sites as well as residential communities. We customize our security solutions for every situation and location, regardless of scope or complexity. With more than 60 years of combined security industry experience, our management team has successfully protected and secured retail businesses, warehouses, office complexes, HOA/gated communities, and other sites of all sizes throughout Southern California. Our private security guards are trained in providing overnight security, parking lot enforcement, mobile patrol service, front office/lobby security, and dedicated security for construction sites.

Call licensed and insured Security Guard Pros today for a free quote. We will not only provide you with exceptional security guard services for your Lancaster, Victorville, or Rosamond location, but also beat any competitor’s bid. All information is kept confidential, and we can provide certificates of insurance upon request.

Rising Crime Rates May Hurt Business Growth, Profitability, and Visitor Traffic in Antelope and Victorville Valleys

Located in California’s High Desert, Lancaster is the largest city in the Antelope Valley, while Victorville and Rosamond are part of the growing Victorville Valley area. Twice named the “Most Business-Friendly City” by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (2007/2013), Lancaster continues to create a favorable environment for new industries, national retailers, and Fortune 500 companies. Companies find the cost of doing business and housing affordability to be major factors in relocating corporate offices, distribution centers and manufacturing plants to the area. In recent years, several high-profile renewable energy, solar, and electric power firms, both foreign and domestic, have established assembly plants and power generation facilities in and around Lancaster. Retail development continues to thrive in conjunction with the downtown’s multi-million dollar renovation. Known as the BLVD, the pedestrian-friendly area attracts shoppers to trendy shops, restaurants, breweries/wine bars, and art venues. Victorville mirrors much of the growth in the region. Regularly ranked among the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and California, Victorville is located on the busy transportation route between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. New national and regional retailers have arrived and a major mall renovation has also contributed to recent growth. Additionally, improvements in transportation infrastructure have improved visitor traffic. Rosamond serves as the gateway to Edwards Air Force Base. While it attracts a steady visitor stream, it is largely a residential community.

As Antelope Valley, Victorville, and Rosamond experiences more growth in business, commercial development, and housing, these cities are also seeing increases in crime. Crime against property and individuals is often a byproduct of new housing and more densely populated shopping/office centers. Of notable concern is higher than average crime rates in the region over recent years. Compiled from the FBI’s uniform crime reports for 2014 and 2015, more than 80% of California cities are rated as safer than Lancaster, Victorville, and Rosamond. Included in these ranking compilations are violent crimes and property crimes, both of which have remained at levels higher than state or national levels.

Security Guard Pros Offers Quality Protection and Security Services in Lancaster, Victorville, and Rosamond at Affordable Costs

Fortunately there is a solution for businesses and HOA/gated communities in Lancaster and surrounding areas. Security Guard Pros is ready to demonstrate how its full menu of private security service options can protect and secure your location. Whether you run a small business in Lancaster, manufacturing site in Victorville, warehouse/distribution center in Palmdale, or a residential facility in Rosamond, we can effectively secure your property at an affordable cost.

Customized Private Security Solutions for Lancaster, Victorville, and Rosamond Businesses

One of our core strengths is developing security solutions that fit each business’s unique set of requirements and their budget. We take the initiative in learning more about your business and community, so that we may provide a strategic security plan that works for you. We thoroughly research your current and potential security issues. Where and how is your business vulnerable? At what time periods is your location at high risk for property crime? How safe are your customers, visitors, employees when entering, exiting, or parking at your premises? These are just a few of the questions we will answer to in order to identify your best protection solution. Many private security service companies serving the Lancaster and Victorville region can provide an adequate level of security, but few can excel in devising a custom plan for your property that fits your budget. Let us prove it to you by providing a written quote for comparable service from another firm – you’ll be glad you did.

How Our Specialized Industrial Security Guard Patrols Can Protect and Secure Lancaster, CA Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Manufacturing Sites

As a security measure, private security guard patrols can be one of the most effective protection and deterrent services offered by Security Guard Pros. Trained guards can patrol your location at specific time periods, on a 24/7 schedule, or from close of business to morning openings. Guards are available to walk your property or patrol it by bike, golf cart, or security vehicle. With clearly designated patrol schedules and routes, guards can secure your entire perimeter and check your most vulnerable areas, such as entry/exit doors, loading docks, trash enclosures, storage units, and vehicle and machinery sheds. Our guards will be vigilant throughout their post; investigate suspicious activity; and keep track of visitors, shipments, truck arrivals/departments, and equipment movement. They can also watch on-site cameras and contact the local police or fire department when appropriate. We offer standing guards who are trained in all facets of security service including powers of arrest, crowd control, emergency evacuation, surveillance, badge/personal bag checks, and CPR/first aid. Our guards are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and receive regular training updates.

Effective and Affordable Loss Prevention Services for Retailers in Victorville, Lancaster & Rosamond

Preventing theft can lead to increased business profitability; however, finding a way to reduce losses is always a challenge for retailers. In many cases, in addition to generating sales, replenishing stock, and ringing up customers, in-store salespeople are also tasked with preventing theft. As a cost-effective alternative, on-site professional guards trained in loss prevention techniques may significantly reduce theft. The savings you gain from reducing theft could more than offset the cost of private guard duty, and this dedicated service can be leveraged in other ways, such as improving parking lot security, providing improved customer service, helping your patrons feel safer, and keeping track of inventory and deliveries.

Retail theft is no longer just a random impulse act by a single individual. Organized theft rings plan and coordinate multiple ways to target your business using deception and diversionary tactics to steal valuable merchandise in a matter of seconds. At Security Guard Pros, our guards will be trained and adapted to your retail or commercial location in Victorville, Lancaster, or Rosamond. By staying alert for suspicious individuals and unusual activity, loss prevention guards can identify theft ring tactics and respond quickly and professionally. After an established period, a guard’s presence alone will serve to deter potential thieves as word of your private security guard service spreads among the criminal community. Guards may be assigned to your shopping center or individual store for short or long-term assignments, special events, or ongoing basis.

Call Security Guard Pros for a free phone consultation. We will determine and recommend the best on-site guard duty service and loss prevention tactics for your Victorville, Lancaster, or Rosamond location.

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