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Security Guard Pros: Bringing Quality Private Security Services to Long Beach, Signal Hill and Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Security Guard Services is a leading provider of private security services. Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Hawaiian Gardens businesses and residential communities can rely on us for a full range of proven security services at rates that are highly affordable and completely customizable.

We can provide high-quality security services for any Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Hawaiian Gardens customer. Our trained security guard staff can serve multiple roles and duties while on location at your business or facility. We offer mobile patrol units, standing guards, 24-hour emergency response, special event security, business lock-up and re-opening, and fire watch services.

Call us today for a free consultation. As a licensed and insured private patrol company with years of experience, we are confident in our ability to provide effective security solutions for any Long Beach, Signal Hill, or Hawaiian Gardens client.

Meeting the Private Security Needs of Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Hawaiian Gardens Businesses & Residential Communities

As one of the largest metro areas in the state, Long Beach is home to major aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, shipping, and petrochemical industries. Its shipping port is the second busiest in the US and ranks as a major economic force in California thanks to the volume of goods passing through the port. A myriad of ancillary industries brings additional jobs to the area. Additionally, Long Beach’s coastal location, recreational marina, and beach town atmosphere drive a strong tourist trade throughout the year.

At Security Guard Pros, we thoroughly understand Long Beach’s market economy and distinct community cultures and neighborhoods, which enables us to offer guard services that truly meet the security needs unique to clients in the local area. Whether you have a business in Signal Hill looking to increase profits or a residential community in a neighboring city like Hawaiian Gardens, we know how to develop a security plan that addresses your specific concerns, reflects your priorities, and fits your budget. Give Security Guard Pros a call today to ensure you have the best security service provider in the Long Beach area on your team.

We Specialize in Developing Custom Security Services for Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Hawaiian Gardens Properties

Security Guard Pros is a reputable private security service company with an excellent reputation. Each of our guards is licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), and our management team collectively has more than 60 years of experience. With our extensive expertise and resources, we’re able to provide protection to a broad spectrum of locations including the following:

  • Construction sites
  • Parking structures
  • Retail stores and malls
  • Transportation facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Colleges and universities
  • Schools
  • Research facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Homeowner associations
  • Private events
  • Film sets

Offering Mobile Security Patrol Guards For Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Hawaiian Gardens Facilities & Properties

Security Guard Pros is available 24/7 to provide mobile security services in Long Beach, Signal Hill, Hawaiian Gardens, or other nearby area. Our guards can patrol your location on foot, bike, golf cart, or security vehicle. We provide a visible presence to deter any unwanted and illegal activity. Because of their large size, our mobile patrol services are ideal for shopping center parking lots, privately owned parking garages, business parks, construction sites, festivals, special event venues, campuses, warehouses, and storage facilities. Security Guard Pros’ guards are expected to be customer service-oriented. While appearing approachable to visitors, customers, and employees, they stay alert to watch for abnormal behavior, suspicious individuals, and emergencies. Contact Security Guard Pros to discover how mobile security patrols can protect and secure your Signal Hill, Long Beach, or Hawaiian Gardens location at an affordable price.

Stationary Security Guards Provide A Visible Presence At Your Primary Entrance

Our stationary guards can be assigned to staff entry gates, booths, or front office lobbies and reception areas for any Signal Hill, Long Beach, or Hawaiian Gardens client. Typical sites for stationary guards include executive office areas, community clubhouses, country clubs, hotels, hospitals, gated residential communities, and construction sites. When assigned to protect a specific location, our guards can also be tasked with supplemental duties, such as verifying credentials, checking personal belongings, issuing guest passes, accepting delivering, providing directions, answering phones, and more. All of our guards are cross-trained in various security disciplines, such as powers of arrest, public relations, crowd control, emergency evacuation, fire watch, and CPR/first aid.

Visible stationary guards send an immediate warning to potential law-breakers and provide a sense of security and safety for customers, visitors, and employees on your property. Guards can be suited in our standard security uniforms, our professional security uniform, construction site security uniform, or other appropriate attire. Call Security Guard Pros today to learn how our guards can monitor and secure your facility in Signal Hill, Long Beach, or Hawaiian Gardens.

Lock-Up and Alarm Services for Warehouses, Construction Sites, and Retailers in Signal Hill, Long Beach, and Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Security Guard Pros provides lock-up and alarm activation at the close of business for Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Hawaiian Gardens properties. Our standing security guard will conduct a walkthrough of your location, check to make sure no one remains inside, secure all doors, and then activate your alarm system. Guards can be dispatched to open up your business and reverse the procedure to begin your next business day.

Private Security Services for Hawaiian Gardens, Signal Hill, and Long Beach Special Events and Functions

Security Guard Pros can supply your event in Long Beach, Hawaiian Gardens, or Signal Hill with the guards it needs to keep your site safe and secure. Our guards are trained, experienced, and BSIS licensed, and they are fully qualified to work special events, community festivals, sporting events, and other functions. The visibility of our security guards will help deter unruly and illegal behavior and give your attendees a sense of safety. Depending upon your needs, our guards can be assigned to guard a specific location, perform patrols, or perform a set of tasks, such as checking personal belonging, checking IDs, and enforcing rules. Call Security Guard Pros to schedule a free special event security consultation.

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