Parking Lot Security

Los Angeles Private Security Guards
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  • Serving All of Southern California
  • Experienced BSIS-Registered Security Guards
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  • Customizable Security Plans & Post Duties
  • Will Match or Beat Competitor Bids

High-Quality, Affordable Guard Services for Improved Safety & Security in Parking Lots

Security Guard Pros provides the best value in parking lot security services in the Greater Los Angeles area. We have a large network of thoroughly trained, fully licensed guards who are skilled at deterring criminal activity, observing suspicious behavior, enforcing rules, and keeping accurate reports. Our guards are supervised by a team of security professionals who each has between 15 and 25 years of industry experience. These professionals are dedicated to keeping the bar high for our private security services and responsible for tailoring every security plan to the unique needs of each client. While we provide superior guard services, we still keep our prices highly competitive. This means that when you choose Security Guard Pros over other private security guard companies in Los Angeles County, you’ll get reliable and effective security for your parking garage or lot at an unbeatable price.

Meet the Needs of Your Parking Lot or Garage with a Personalized Security Plan

To determine the exact scope of our guard services, one of our security experts will meet with you at your parking lot or garage to gain a complete understanding of your security goals. Goals can range from wanting to discourage theft, vandalizing, trespassing, and loitering to keeping your employees and patrons safe. While on-site, we’ll also assess your parking lot’s layout, size, and remoteness, as well as identify particularly vulnerable locations, such as areas with dim lighting, hidden corners, or high-value property. Once we understand your needs, challenges, and circumstances, we will recommend a parking lot security plan that meets your goals and stays within your allowable budget. With an approved plan, we are able to develop detailed guard post duties.

Our parking lot/garage security services can include any or all of the following:

  • Standing guard services
  • Golf cart, bicycle, or vehicle patrols
  • Unwanted behavior & crime deterrence
  • Parking enforcement and warnings
  • Checking badges
  • Incident reporting
  • Fire watch services
  • Daily activity tracking
  • Security guard escort services
  • Guest, truck, and delivery tracking

These services can be provided by one dedicated guard, several rotating guards, or multiple guards depending upon your needs and preference. Our guards are required to arrive on time, be professional, and perform all tasks as outlined in their post order duties. To assure our clients that our guards are performing their assigned duties, we require our guards to clock in with a GeoFence app, confirm all patrols with our Detex system, and submit a daily log. Additionally, our supervisors make routine on-site checks throughout the assignment and stay readily available to address any questions, special requests, or concerns from our clients.

Call Security Guard Pros Today for a Free Private Security Consultation & Estimate

Call Security Guard Pros today to schedule a free consultation. We provide parking lot security services throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, Kern, and San Diego County. All of our guards are registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), have passed a thorough background check, and receive ongoing training. Security Guard Pros is a licensed private patrol operator (PPO) with insurance that exceeds state requirements.