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Maricopa, Taft, and Mettler Businesses Look to Security Guard Pros for Reliable & Affordable Protection

Security Guard Pros offers the most professional private security guard services at the best price to clients throughout Kern County, including Maricopa, Taft, Mettler, and surrounding communities. As a licensed and insured Private Patrol Operator, we are authorized to provide private security guard services. Our guards are all licensed by the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services), receive ongoing training, and stay up-to-date on the latest private security standards, making them all qualified to secure your business, whether it’s a construction site, industrial facility, or parking lot.

Experts in Providing Private Security to Small Towns Like Taft, Maricopa, and Mettler, CA

Even small towns like Maricopa, Taft, and Mettler can experience incidences of crime, vandalism, theft, and graffiti. Therefore, hiring a private security contractor like Security Guard Pros can help you and members of your community stay safe and secure. Whether it’s hiring temporary security for high school football games, using security patrol services to watch your industrial facility after business hours, or hiring a guard to monitor access through your main entry gate, Security Guard Pros has the most cost-effective solutions for your private security needs.

Our high-quality private security services available in Maricopa, Taft, and surrounding Kern County communities include:

  • Vehicle patrols for properties of nearly any size
  • Live video camera surveillance
  • Building lockup and alarm services
  • 24-hour fire watch services
  • Standing guard services
  • Film and music video set security
  • Parking lot/structure security
  • Logistical security services
  • And much more

Whether you need security guards for your film shoot in Taft or a marked security vehicle patrolling your oil fields to protect valuable equipment, our team of security experts will customize our services to effectively address your concerns. Our guard services available 24/7 for daytime, nighttime, or around-the-clock protection. Security Guard Pros also has options for temporary or short-term security. If you prefer, you can even try out our security services on a trial basis.

Licensed & Trained Security Guards, Prepared to Protect Your Maricopa, Taft, or Mettler Site

Security Guard Pros’s private security guards have been trained in public relations, power to arrest, terrorism awareness, emergency situations, observe and report, patrol communications, and post order duties. In many cases, their training also includes baton and pepper spray, and CPR and first aid. Every guard is required to obtain a security guard card through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service (BSIS) and pass a comprehensive background check in order to join our company.

Security Guard Uniforms for Formal, Casual, and Office Environments

Security Guard Pros has found that the mere presence of uniformed private security guards and marked patrol cars monitoring can deter criminals from loitering, trespassing, vandalizing, or attempting a break-in. Our guards wear an easily identifiable security guard uniform, consisting of a cap, short or long sleeve shirt, dark colored pants and shoes, and a badge. As alternatives, we can provide guards in a more professional uniform with an added blazer or vest, and tie; or in a less formal uniform consisting of a polo-style shirt with company patches or the word “security” printed in bold letters across the back of the shirt. For construction and industrial sites, our guards are equipped with hard hats and safety vests as part of their uniform.

If You’re Looking for the Best Value in Private Security Services for Your Maricopa, Taft, or Mettler Business, Call Security Guard Services Today

The security guard management team at Security Guard Pros offers over 60 years of combined experience. WIth this level of experience, we’re familiar with providing security to a wide array of businesses and locations. Additionally, our team knows how to deliver high-quality security services. Call us today for a quote or to answer questions about hiring a private security agency in the Kern County cities of Taft, Mettler, and Maricopa. Offering the best private security services at the most competitive prices is our priority at Security Guard Pros.

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