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Personalized Security Guard Services for Mission Canyon, Hope Ranch, & Montecito | Short-Term & Long-Term Private Security Guards and Mobile Patrol Services

At Security Guard Pros, we are dedicated to providing stellar security guard services at highly competitive prices throughout Santa Barbara County, serving the areas of Mission Canyon, Hope Ranch, and Montecito. We are a fully licensed and insured PPO (private patrol operator) with nearly 70 years of combined management experience, and are committed to providing exceptional, customized security solutions to every client. The presence of our BSIS-registered private security guards will deter vandalism and theft, protect your site, and prevent unauthorized access to your premises. We welcome both short-term and long-term assignments, and offer a wide variety of guard services throughout the Montecito, Hope Ranch, and Mission Canyon area, including mobile patrol, parking lot security, fire watch, logistical security, lobby/reception desk guards, and more. Our highly qualified guards are always impeccably groomed, reliable, and punctual. With direct access to the local police and fire department, we are able to coordinate a fast response in the event of an emergency.

Top Security Guard Company Serving Montecito, Mission Canyon, & Hope Ranch | Security Patrol Services, Building Lock-Up, Surveillance

We are a trusted, competitively priced security guard company serving the areas of Mission Canyon, Hope Ranch, Montecito, and surrounding cities in Santa Barbara County. Whether you need mobile patrol, building lock-up, or gate guard services, Security Guard Pros will make sure you get an effective security plan that meets your specific needs. By investing the time necessary to hire qualified guards and ensure they receive ongoing training, we’re able to provide reliable security services that ensure your business, industrial property, and equipment stays safe and secure. Additionally, because we have extensive experience working with a wide range of security technology, we know how to operate most security systems, can upgrade and enhance existing systems (for example, by adding motion detectors or infrared cameras), and fully install all new equipment as needed. If you have CCTV video cameras, our guards can also monitor the live feed on a part-time, full-time, or around-the-clock basis. Finally, we use the latest technology to keep our guards accountable. Our GeoSense App is a web and app-based system that only lets our security guards log in when they reach their post, letting you know when they have arrived on the job. For guards that are required to perform patrols, we use the Detex ProxiPen system, which tracks and reports on required perimeter checks, for added quality assurance and control.

Professional, Friendly Security Guards for Hope Ranch, Montecito, & Mission Canyon | TV & Movie Security Guard Services, Parking Management, Corporate Security

Security Guard Pros is one of the leading providers of dependable, diligent, and approachable security guards serving the Mission Canyon, Montecito, and Hope Ranch area. With over 60 years of combined experience, our management team excels at developing and implementing even the most complex security solutions. The solutions are carefully designed to minimize vulnerabilities, reduce security risks, and prevent criminals from targeting your business based upon an in-depth consultation and on-site assessment of your property. A security plan could include standing security guards, mobile patrols, parking enforcement, site access control for TV and film productions, and corporate security services.

How We Select Guards to Protect Our Clients in Montecito, Hope Ranch, and Mission Canyon

We understand that maintaining your company’s image is of the utmost importance, and hand-pick all of our BSIS-registered security guards for their clean, professional appearance and approachable demeanor. Many of them have backgrounds in law enforcement, the military, or criminal justice, or they were neighborhood watch captains or good samaritans. We perform thorough civil and criminal background checks, and only accept applicants with a minimum of 1 year of security experience, along with a valid and maintained professional Security Guard Card. Our extensive in-house training exceeds state-required mandates and features the industry’s best practices as recommended by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We assign guards to their posts based on their unique set of qualifications, and in some instances can even accommodate requests to have the same guards stationed for certain shifts.

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