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Private Security Guard Service For Businesses and Property Owners in Norwalk, Artesia, and Cerritos

Looking for an experienced and reputable private security services firm in Norwalk, Artesia, or Cerritos? Security Guard Pros is ready to provide a security solution for your business, property, or manufacturing site. Our management team will put their 60 years of security experience to work for you and develop a security plan that will provide peace of mind at an affordable cost.

Security Guard Pros provides private security guards and mobile security patrols to protect commercial businesses, business parks, retail shopping centers, warehouses, industrial parks, parking lots and structures and more in Norwalk, Artesia, and Cerritos.

Call us today and we’ll prove that we can deliver quality security service at the most competitive price. We will even match or beat any written quote you supply from a local security firm. Once we agree on a security solution for your business, we will be on-call to answer your question regarding any part of your security plan. Our customer support service is second to none. We are responsive and will work diligently to exceed your expectations. During our free phone consultation, we will take time to answer all your questions about our private security guard service and how we can help protect and secure your property and valuable assets in Norwalk, Artesia, Cerritos, or other nearby area.

Facilities and Locations That We Serve in Norwalk, Artesia, Cerritos & Surrounding Areas

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Business Parks
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Companies
  • Construction Sites
  • Storage Warehouses
  • Off-Set Filming Locations
  • Transportation & Logistical Companies
  • Retirement Homes & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Parking Lots, Garages & Structures
  • Schools & Colleges

Retail Loss Prevention Solutions – Norwalk, Artesia, & Cerritos, CA

Loss prevention is serious business for retailers of all sizes. Some retailers try to have their employees watch for in-store theft, but because these employees often have multiple responsibilities and are not properly trained in theft prevention, they continue to suffer losses. Security Guard Pros understands the dilemma retailers face and is ready to help you reduce theft and improve profitability. We provide on-site guards to create a visible presence which immediately sends a clear warning to potential thieves entering your store. Our security guards are trained to look for irregular shopper behavior and suspicious individuals. Organized theft may involve several individuals who work to distract salespeople and cashiers. By coordinating their actions to confuse employees, organized theft rings can walk out of your store undetected with hundreds or thousands of dollars of merchandise. Knowing what to look for, our security guards can disrupt potential theft before it happens.

If you are interested in Security Guard Pros affordable and effective loss prevention services for your Norwalk, Artesia, or Cerritos store location, call us today for a free consultation and quote. Our guard services are tailored to each client’s specific set of security needs, and we excel at creating cost-effective solutions to work with almost any budget. We can outfit your in-store security guard with clearly marked uniforms, or they may be dressed in appropriate casual attire. Standing guards can be posted at your entry points or patrol your premises during their entire shift.

Security Guard Protection for Film and TV Production in Norwalk, CA

One of Norwalk’s claims to fame is its history as a backdrop for movie and music productions. Since the 1940s, Norwalk has been a featured location for Hollywood films, TV series, commercials, and music videos. With experience as a security service provider in this industry, Security Guard Pros is prepared to provide production crews with private security guards at any Norwalk location or studio setting. Our trained security guards can handle multiple duties required for on-site film/TV or music video production. Guards may cordon off and maintain crowd control during indoor/outdoor shoots to keep fans or onlookers from disrupting production activities. Our security patrols can establish a perimeter where production trucks, equipment, and RVs/trailers for cast can be secured. As production shoots will often require multiple days or weeks at different locations, our private security details can protect and secure each new location according to studio requirements and procedures. Overnight security guards can patrol shoot locations to protect valuable equipment, props, stage sets, vehicles and other assets. Frequently, cast and crew will need escorts to and from hotels, restaurants, or new locations. Security Guard Pros will work with production managers on location to provide the right level of unobtrusive security, yet maintain security control of any situation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Private Security for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies in Artesia and Cerritos, CA

Home to many light industrial and manufacturing companies, Artesia and Cerritos benefit from the jobs and commerce these firms provide. Companies of this type are often located in designated areas according to city zoning laws in order to keep noise, heavy-duty truck traffic, and other byproducts of industrial and manufacturing operations from disturbing residential neighborhoods and urban centers. These facilities often require specialized security service to protect materials, machinery, tools, and work vehicles from opportunistic thieves who look to take advantage of light or nonexistent security.

Security Guard Pros can design and implement security solutions for individual manufacturing firms or an entire industrial park in Artesia, Cerritos, or other nearby city. We provide trained security guards to carry out a security plan specifically prepared for your location. Our security guards can protect your facility during overnight or daytime hours depending on your requirements. To facilitate open and closing hours, security guards can lock-down your building at the end of business, activate overnight security alarms, and then re-open for employees the following morning. Mobile security units are available to patrol on foot, bike, or security vehicle on a 24-basis if needed. To ensure security guards patrol designated checkpoints and stay on schedule at all hours, we track guard movement via GPS-enabled wireless check-in devices. For day shifts, security guard activities may include staffing your primary entry gate to check-in visitors, monitor deliveries, and deter any unauthorized entry. As a quality control measure our on-duty guards may receive random visits from our supervisory staff. This helps us to review procedures and make adjustments to improve your security service. And, as is our process, we will communicate with you on a regular basis to make sure we are addressing your needs. Should any changes occur at your facility we will be prepared to make adjustments to your security plan.

Be Proactive About Protecting And Securing Your Norwalk, Artesia, or Cerritos Business or Property – Call Security Guard Pros Today

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