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Security Guard Pros – Specializing In Providing Customizable Private Security Services to Pacoima, San Fernando, and Sylmar, CA

As a private security services firm whose leadership has provided dedicated protection to clients in and near Pacoima, Sylmar, and San Fernando for years, Security Guard Pros is particularly adept at meeting the specific security challenges of businesses and residential communities in the local area. We’re well aware that property crime and theft rates continue to be higher here than in the majority of California cities, and know from first-hand experience which counter-strategies are the most effective. With our custom-tailored security solutions, you’ll be able to reduce a number of common crimes, including trespassing, vandalism, burglary, and theft.

24/7 Security Protection For Small Business And Manufacturing Sites In Pacoima

Security Guard Pros is a full service private security contractor with a large force of experienced, BSIS-registered security guards. We are experts in designing affordable security plans for small business, manufacturing facilities, and residential areas throughout Pacoima, San Fernando, and Sylmar. Our guards can be positioned at front gates, reception desks, or other areas of high traffic or frequent crime, or they can patrol your location by foot, on a bike, or in a marked golf cart or vehicle. We are available 365 days a year on a 24-hour basis, and offer temporary, short-term, and long-term contract options.

Secure Your Sylmar, Pacoima, or San Fernando Property With On-Site Guards And Hi-Tech Surveillance

Most businesses and residents rely on locks, fences, chained gates, barred windows, and basic alarms to protect their people and valuables. While these devices may serve as a first defense against criminal intrusion, they can provide a false sense of security, particularly in communities where property crime is higher than average. To adequately defend your property in Sylmar, Pacoima, or San Fernando against break-ins and theft, businesses and residences are encouraged to use more effective and sophisticated security measures. Security Guard Pros offers the security solutions you need, at a price you can afford, to protect your property. Our security solutions typically involve on-site standing guards, patrols, and/or surveillance technology.

Mobile Patrols Available For Day And Night Protection In San Fernando

As a licensed Private Patrol Operator (PPO), we’re able to provide 24/7 monitoring and patrols of any given area. With our trained guards patrolling your site, you’ll get the extra protection you need to prevent a number of crimes, from theft to trespassing. Patrols are scheduled during daytime or overnight hours, or 24 hours a day. To provide you with the added reassurance that all patrols are being done as contracted, we use a Geolocation app and the Detex Proxipen system. Call today to learn more. Whether you have a parking lot in Sylmar, an expansive business park in Pacoima, or a construction site in San Fernando, Security Guard Pros will make sure you get the level of security you need at a great price.

Call Security Guard Pros to Discuss Security Options for Your Sylmar, Pacoima, or San Fernando Business — Initial Consultations Are Free

The best way to stop property crime or other illegal activity is to take preventive action. Security Guard Pros can show you specific ways to protect your store or business from being a target for criminal behavior. We have earned our reputation among our customers as a trustworthy private security service agency that provides the most competitive security rates in San Fernando Valley. Give Security Guard Pros a call today to learn more.

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