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Private Security Services Available in Palmdale, Agua Dulce, and Acton, CA

Security Guard Pros is the private security company of choice for Palmdale, Agua Dulce, and Acton businesses and residential communities. Offering a full complement of security services, including mobile patrols, on-site security guards, and customized security plans, Security Guard Pros is ready to provide the protection and security you are looking for.

Professional security can deter theft, trespassing, vandalism, and other unwelcome activities on your premises. To ensure that you get maximum benefit from our security guard services, we carefully evaluate your security needs, and then recommend proven security solutions to fit your site and budget. Our private security services can be tailored to any industry, location, residential community, or business in Palmdale, Agua Dulce, or Acton.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • 24-Hour, or Partial Day/Night Security Service
  • Commercial Building Security
  • Retail/Shopping Center Security
  • Business Park/Office Complex Security
  • Hotel and Motel Security
  • Hospital and Medical Facility Security
  • Retirement Home, Nursing Home, & Group Living Facility Security
  • Residential Security for Gated/HOA Communities
  • Transportation, Supply Chain, & Distribution Facility Security
  • Parking Lot Enforcement and Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Mobile Patrol Services (Foot, Bike, Golf Cart, Patrol Vehicle)
  • Construction Site Security
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Facility Security
  • Fire Watch Services
  • Front Office/Lobby Security

Private Security Services in Palmdale, CA to Protect Small Business, Industrial Sites, and Residential Communities

Offering a diverse mix of large industries, small businesses, and professional services, the communities of Palmdale, Agua Dulce, and Acton occupy a unique business niche in a fast-growing region. While the aerospace industry has long been the leading employer, Palmdale now attracts a diverse mix of manufacturing, industrial, and medical-related companies. The new Palmdale Trade and Commerce Center is home to many of these new commercial ventures.

Providing Affordable Security Solutions for Your Manufacturing and Industrial Sites in Palmdale, Acton & Agua Dulce, CA

Security Guard Pros recognizes the industries in the Palmdale, Acton, and Agua Dulce region can benefit from increased security services. We are experienced in providing security solutions to industrial and manufacturing locations situated on several acres or expansive lots. Manufacturing and industrial facilities can be targets for theft as they are often located in large, unguarded spaces. Many sites rely on fencing, locks, and basic alarm technology to defend against property crime, theft, fire, or vandalism. Unfortunately, such measures may stop amateurs, but not professional criminals or others determined to break-in. Local law enforcement, while very competent and responsive, is not directly responsible for guarding your place of business or facility. Their manpower and resources are limited and must be used to protect public safety first. With Security Guard Pros, you can be confident that you have a qualified security personnel dedicated to keeping your facility safe and secure.

Security Guard Pros: Your Affordable Security Services Solution for Gated Communities and HOA Neighborhoods in Acton, CA

Security Guard Pros brings 60 years of combined security industry experience to serve the upscale neighborhoods of Acton and surrounding areas. Large community estates, ranch homes, and equestrian stables may need additional security especially when located in remote areas. Having on-site gate guards for residential communities can discourage uninvited visitors or trespassers from committing home thefts and vandalism. Stationery guards can check for unlawful entry, search personal bags/belongings, authorize access, and accept deliveries. Our mobile patrol vehicles can cover multi-acre properties quickly and efficiently. Following pre-designated routes according to your security needs, our patrols are GPS-tracked and monitored to ensure they electronically check-in at the correct times and locations. For more varied terrain, guard patrols can also be done on foot, bike, or golf cart. We can offer 24-hour guard duty or dispatch units for day/night protection, or other requested time period.

Professionally Trained Security Guards for Palmdale, CA

Professionally trained and licensed, our guards undergo background checks and drug testing before employment. Upon joining Security Guard Pros, guards receive periodic training on various security techniques and procedures. Depending on their assignment, guards must be competent in a number of situations and environments. We cross-train our security staff to handle multiple types of guard duties as needed. Superior customer service and communication skills are required, as are other qualifications, including knowledge and use of powers of arrest, crowd control, emergency response, anti-terrorism, and CPR/first aid. Each guard is licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

TV & Movie Filming/Production Set Security for Acton, Agua Dulce, and Surrounding Areas

At Security Guard Pros, we know that Acton and Agua Dulce have served as backdrops for many Hollywood westerns, major movie blockbusters, TV series, commercials, and music industry videos. Today, the natural scenery and close proximity to L.A.-based production studios of these communities continues to draw the entertainment business to the local area.

When filming on location, especially for production shoots that last several days or weeks, arrangements need to be made to keep the set safe and secure. We believe there is no substitute or better security option than having a trained private guard. Our private security guards can protect valuable production equipment and gear, props, stages, trailers, and other assets while you are filming in Acton, Agua Dulce, or other nearby area. Experienced in crowd management, our security team can cordon off specific areas for crew/cast and keep fans/onlookers from disrupting activity. Security guards may also escort crew/cast as they travel to and from hotels, restaurants, or new locations as necessary.

Call Security Guard Pros Today for a Free Phone Consultation

Schedule your free phone consultation today. Our team will answer your questions about the type of private security services we provide and recommend a custom plan for your facility. You will find that we provide quality security solutions at a price that can’t be beat by any local competitor. Give us a call and we will show you why Security Guard Pros will be the answer to your security needs in or near Palmdale, California.

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