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Security Guard Services for Businesses in San Pedro, Lomita, and Wilmington

Local businesses throughout the San Pedro, Lomita, and Wilmington area are increasingly seeking private security contractors like Security Guard Pros for affordable and reliable commercial security services. With a qualified security guard company, these businesses are able to deter crime, reduce theft, discourage unwanted behavior, and improve safety.

While serious crime has generally trended downward in San Pedro, Lomita, and Wilmington, burglary and property crimes have remained at constant levels. Through use of on-site private security guards, mobile patrols, and electronic surveillance, such as motion detection equipment, closed circuit cameras, and 24/7 alarm services, businesses can greatly improve their ability to deter crime.

At Security Guard Pros, we understand that many small businesses operate on tight profit margins, so the added cost of security may not seem like an affordable option. As a result, many businesses don’t explore private security services until they are victims of a crime. Whether replacing stolen inventory, repairing damage from break-ins, or recovering lost revenue due to temporary closure, the costs following a crime can be significant. That’s why it is important for each business to consider the costs of potentially being a victim of a crime against the cost of additional security measures that could discourage would-be criminals.

Get Security Guard Services that Meets Your Needs & Fits Your Budget

Security Guard Pros specializes in tailoring security plans to meet the needs of each business, from addressing critical security vulnerabilities to fitting a specified budget. By being proactive and bringing on a qualified security guard company, your business would not only discourage crime on your property, but also gain a number of additional benefits to help further offset the cost of a security guard services. That’s because a guard can take on additional duties, such as answering phones, accepting packages, inspecting trucks, tracking inventory, and providing general customer service. Moreover, a guard’s presence alone can make employees, vendors, visitors, tenants, and consumers feel safer.

Call Security Guard Pros Today for the Best Value in Private Security for Your San Pedro, Lomita, or Wilmington Business

Drawing on more than 60 years of collective security experience, Security Guard Pros has the expertise to help your San Pedro, Wilmington, and Lomita business keep your property secure and people safe. Call us today to learn more or to arrange a free on-site consultation. If you’ve already received a quote from a competitor, forward us their bid, and we promise to match or beat it.

Addressing the Unique Private Security Needs of the San Pedro, Lomita and Wilmington Community

San Pedro is home to a thriving tourist business, thanks to the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center located in the city’s harbor. Home to more than a dozen cruise lines, the Center drives a hospitality-based economy that includes hotels, restaurants, and retail centers. Because San Pedro works so hard to attract visitors and tourists for commerce, San Pedro and its neighboring communities, such as Wilmington and Lomita, also attracts the attention of opportunistic criminals.

To help businesses in and near the San Pedro area discourage criminal activity on their property, Security Guard Pros provides cost-effective private security services. Our security guards and patrols help protect hotels, business parks, construction sites, parking lots, event venues, and more. We can station a guard at specific locations on a part-time or full-time basis, or have them perform regular patrols of your premises on foot, on a bike, or in a marked vehicle or golf cart. Through use of GeoFence and Detex, we are able to confirm that our guards are on site and patrolling the exact route and buildings predetermined by you. Moreover, our private security staff may wear a professional, casual, or construction-safe security guard uniform, depending on the location or environment. Always courteous and approachable, our private security guards are trained to communicate clearly and effectively and instill a sense of safety and security.

Private Security Guards Carry Out Multiple Duties for Wilmington, Lomita, and San Pedro Businesses

Our security guards are professional, reliable, and well trained in a number of duties, and can conduct the following for any business in the Wilmington, Lomita, and San Pedro area:

  • Stay alert for suspicious behavior or irregular activities
  • Check personal belongings, screen visitors
  • Verify access badges, issue badges
  • Monitor incoming/outgoing vehicles
  • Accept and record deliveries
  • Manage evacuation procedures
  • Administer CPR and first-aid
  • Perform fire watch services

Call Security Guard Pros For Affordable Private Security Protection in the San Pedro, Lomita, and Wilmington Area

To learn how a comprehensive and cost-effective security plan can safeguard your Wilmington, Lomita, or San Pedro facility, call Security Guard Pros today. Let us show you what sets Security Guard Pros apart from the competition, both in quality and price.

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