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Vehicle Patrol Services for Los Angeles County & Surrounding Areas

Deter Criminal Activity with Our Professional & Affordable Vehicle Patrol Services

A vehicle patrol service is ideal for any client that is looking for an effective way to keep their site safe and secure. At Security Guard Pros, we specialize in providing professional and affordable vehicle patrol services. Our patrol services are available throughout Southern California, and they can be customized to address the security concerns of parking lots, gated neighborhoods, school campuses, business complexes, and other large or sprawling areas. For properties that are harder to navigate with a vehicle, we also offer mobile patrols by foot, bike, or golf cart. With our qualified guards regularly patrolling your grounds, we’ll effectively discourage loitering, trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other criminal or unwanted activity.

Vehicle Patrol Services Available Throughout Southern California

Our vehicle patrol services are available throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Kern counties. They can be provided during the day, overnight, or 24 hours a day. We have a variety of short term, long term, and temporary contract options, and are committed to offering our clients the best rate possible. In fact, if you bring us a detailed bid from another security company in the area, we guarantee to match or beat their price.

All Patrols Performed by Qualified & Experienced Security Guards

While we offer some of the lowest rates for vehicle patrols, we still maintain high standards for the quality of our services. Our patrol cars are all clean, well maintained, and easily identifiable. They are driven by licensed security guards who are trained in perimeter patrols, observe and report, arrest powers, parking enforcement, emergency response, communication, public relations, and terrorism. We also have guards who are CPR and first aid certified as well as guards who are licensed to carry batons, and/or pepper spray. Every one of our guards was hand-picked by our management team. We will only hire guards who are registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), have at least a year of experience with a mid- to large-size company, and a clean background check. Once hired, we supervise them closely through frequent on-site visits, client surveys, and automated systems that confirm that they are on-site and performing their required patrols.

Free Phone Consultations & Very Competitive Bids for Mobile Security Guard Services

Call Security Guard Pros today for a free security evaluation and consultation. We’ll listen to your security concerns, assess your site’s vulnerabilities, and consider your budget in order to create the optimal security plan for your needs. Through this process, we determine the ideal patrol method, route, and strategy. Additionally, we can incorporate additional security services as needed, such as checking and/or locking gates and shared spaces, enforcing parking regulations, and documenting incidents.

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