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Security Guard Uniforms

At Security Guard Pros, we understand that our security guards need to look professional and be easily identifiable since they are typically in highly visible positions. We also know that our clients are best served when our guards reflect the tone of the business, which is why we offer four customizable uniform options.

Option 1 – Standard Security Guard Uniform

The security guard uniform (pictured here) is suitable for most assignments. This look feels authoritative but not intimidating. It features our company hat, badge, patches, and shirt, duty belt, and heavy-duty black pants and shoes. Company shirts come with long sleeves or short sleeves and are available in either white, black, or navy blue.

Option 2 – Professional Security Guard Uniform

For professional office environments, we recommend our professional security guard uniform. This uniform is a modification of our standard uniform. It pairs the standard black pants and shoes with our long sleeve company uniform shirt, a tie, and a vest or blazer.

Option 3 – Casual Security Guard Uniform

The casual security guard uniform allows our guards to appear more approachable while remaining highly visible and easily identifiable. It resembles the standard security guard uniform, but the shirt is replaced with a black, white, or navy blue polo shirt that has company patches and/or “SECURITY” written clearly across the back.

Option 4 – Construction Site Security Guard Uniform

This uniform is ideal for construction sites, warehouse facilities, loading docks, and other locations where safety might be a concern. It includes a bright yellow hard hat and construction vest over our standard security guard uniform.

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