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Private Security Services for West Covina, La Puente, and City of Industry Businesses at Highly Competitive Prices

At Security Guard Pros, we are committed to providing businesses in and near West Covina with high-quality, reliable private security services. Our standing guards protect commercial and industrial sites, such as manufacturing plants, distribution centers, storage warehouses, and chemical facilities, in order to effectively reduce theft and increase safety. Security Guard Pros’ guards excel in mobile patrols, loss prevention, threat assessment, fire watch, parking enforcement, perimeter security, and access control. While providing these services, they are also able to open and lock up buildings, greet visitors, answer phones, provide customer service, fulfill OSHA reporting requirements, track movement of inventory, machinery, equipment, and vehicles, and more.

Security Guard Pros and all of its security guards are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). The BSIS is dedicated to protecting businesses and neighborhoods through the regulation of California’s private investigators, alarm companies, locksmiths, private patrol operators, and security guards. As a BSIS licensed private patrol operator, Security Guard Pros has demonstrated that it is qualified to serve the security needs of businesses in and around West Covina, including the City of Industry, La Puente, Walnut, Hillgrove, and Baldwin Park. Additionally, to meet BSIS requirements, our security guards had to complete at least 40 hours of training, pass a Powers to Arrest exam, and pass a criminal background check. Security Guard Pros also requires our guards to have at least a minimum of one year of experience working at a medium- to large-size company, a professional appearance, and strong communication skills.

While Security Guard Pros aims to be one of the best security guard companies serving West Covina, City of Industry, La Puente, and the surrounding area, we’re still committed to keeping our prices among the lowest. If a prospective client provides us with a bid from another local security guard company, we promise to meet or beat the quoted price. We have a variety of short-term and long-term contracts to meet nearly any need, and our private security services are fully customizable.

Call Security Guard Pros today for high-quality standing guard services for your West Covina, La Puente, or City of Industry property. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Manufacturing & Industrial Security Specialists, West Covina, La Puente, and City of Industry, CA

Today, most manufacturing and industrial facilities need to take precautionary measures to reduce their security risks. Security Guard Pros’ experts can help any facility in West Covina, La Puente, or City of Industry create and implement a comprehensive security plan that will address their specific threats and vulnerabilities. During an over-the-phone interview, we will get an overview of your particular security concerns and priorities in order to provide an initial recommendation and price estimate. Then, through an on-site visit, we’ll develop the specifics of your security plan so that we can provide your facility with optimal protection.

If you are interested in hiring our security company to provide guard and patrol services for your manufacturing or industrial facility in West Covina, La Puente, or other nearby area, we’ll send out a member of our management team to perform a thorough security needs assessment of your property. Our management team has over 60 years in the security industry and each team member uses their accrued knowledge and first-hand experience to design and implement customized security plans that are effective and affordable. Their expertise is also critical in the hiring, training, and supervision of our security guards, which yields higher quality services.

Our manufacturing/industrial security guards are readily available to provide West Covina facilities with any or all of the following services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Personal belongings & bag checks
  • Visitor/guest greeting and escorts
  • Security credential verification
  • Mobile patrols (foot, bike, car, golf cart)
  • Regular perimeter checks
  • Truck inspections
  • Delivery inspections & tracking
  • Fire watch services
  • Inspecting alarms
  • Reporting incidents
  • Assist with reports for OSHA audits
  • And More

Security Guard Pros is fully licensed and insured, and keeps all client information in strict confidence. We have several types of security guard uniforms to choose from, including standard guard uniforms and construction site uniforms. Call today to learn more.

Private Security With Logistical Services for West Covina, La Puente, and City of Industry, CA

Security Guard Pros offers a variety of logistical services that perfectly complement our security services. Our goal is to not only alleviate your security concerns but also relieve your staff of a number of time-consuming tasks. Depending upon your business’s needs, we can assist with:

  • Inventory control
  • Shipment tracking
  • Truck arrival/departure management
  • Dock assignments
  • Delivery coordination
  • Truck inspections
  • Reefer truck temperature inspections
  • OSHA inspections & reports

These services are provided by our licensed and experienced guards, who are skilled at staying vigilant, and keeping detailed, accurate logs. Logistical services are ideal for a wide variety of West Covina businesses, including distribution warehouses, transportation facilities, construction sites, chemical and manufacturing plants, and storage facilities. To establish a security and logistics plan for your West Covina business, a member of our management team will meet with you to review your needs and assess your location.

Mobile Patrol & Perimeter Surveillance Services in West Covina, La Puente, and City of Industry, CA

Our security guard patrol services are highly effective in deterring criminal activities, such as vandalism, trespassing, loitering, soliciting, employee pilfering, and theft. Our security guards can perform their patrols on foot, on a bike, in a golf cart, or in a vehicle depending upon the size of the property, terrain, location of patrol checkpoints, and other on-duty responsibilities. The patrol route is designed to create a visible security presence while also meeting a specific set of needs, such as checking that windows, doors, and other access points are locked and secure; watching for hazards or suspicious behaviors; and keeping track of equipment, tools, materials, and machinery. To reassure our West Covina, La Puente, and City of Industry clients that our guards are performing their post duties and patrols, we provide daily activity log reports, require all our guards to check in using an app that requires them to be within 100 feet, and use the Detex system to confirm that our guards have passed each checkpoint on their patrols. Call today to get a free estimate for our mobile patrol and perimeter surveillance security services in West Covina, La Puente, and City of Industry. All our guards are trained, experienced, and registered with the BSIS.

Call Security Guard Pros today to learn more. We are a fully licensed and insured security guard company and private patrol operator (PPO). We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide security and logistics services in West Covina, La Puente, City of Industry, and surrounding areas.

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